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Food for thought

Reflections of our leaders on the ever changing world around us

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The ability to adapt successfully to changing circumstances requires strategic longer-term thinking: global trends, societal needs, the directions our markets are moving in and consumer needs. Without this, businesses run the risk of missing the threats and opportunities presented by major technological, economic and societal changes.

We have defined a number of focus areas based on insight into these trends and needs. They guide our long-term innovation strategy.

Some of this thinking is revealed in the articles below.              

- Carbon Management July 2015 (PDF, 4 MB) 
- Partnerships June 2015 (PDF, 4 MB) 
- White biotechFebruary 2015(PDF, 4 MB) 
- More sustainable citiesNovember 2014(PDF, 4 MB) 
- Unexpected outcomesOctober 2014(PDF, 4 MB) 
- Long range visionJune 2013(PDF, 4 MB)